How to Create a Floral Arrangement

April showers bring May flowers! Spring is the perfect time to refresh and elevate your home with fresh florals. Below are a few of our favorite tips for creating floral arrangements that are perfect for any space! 

Choose your favorite flowers

To start, visit your local market to see what seasonal florals are available. Personally, we have a hard time walking out of Trader Joe’s or Central Market in Southlake without picking up a few fresh flowers. If splurging on flowers every week doesn't seem practical, take a look around your backyard to clip some of your favorite branches and bring them indoors. The more natural, the better!

Fresh branches from a Magnolia tree paired with hydrangea in ceramic vases.

Sizing your flowers to your vase

When arranging florals in a vase, focus on balancing the width and height of the florals. We recommend holding the flowers in your hand by the stems to arrange them loosely, then place the arrangement up to your vase to determine how much stem to cut off. Your floral arrangement should be taller than the brim of the vase, but not so tall that the stems are unsupported and could topple over.

Create dimension to add visual interest

Dimension plays a huge role in creating an impactful floral arrangement. Choose florals and greenery that vary in size and texture to create interest and depth to your arrangement. Personally, we love the gorgeous color and fullness of peonies and all varieties of eucalyptus. If you’re going for a monochromatic look, choose options within your color palette that have blooms of different sizes. You can also choose differing shades within that palette to add even more dimension while still accomplishing a simple and clean floral design.

Vibrant colored flowers in a neutral bedroom.

Balance is more important than symmetry

Have fun when creating your floral arrangement! It doesn’t need to look perfect. Focus less on symmetry and more on balance, not only because it'll be more interesting, but you'll find that it's much easier to create.

A mix of flowers and greenery placed on a cocktail table.

Make your arrangement last

Remove any thorns or leaves from each flower to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the water and reducing the lifespan of your arrangement. If you've selected roses, to help them open more quickly, blow into the center of the bud to allow the flower to breathe and extend the width of the bloom. To open up peonies, gently tap on the top of the bud or try placing them facedown in warm water for about 5 minutes. Lastly, cut the stems of your flowers at a sharp angle before placing them in water and be sure to add fresh water often.

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