How to Style Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is the second most used piece of furniture in your living room (with your sofa being the first!). It can be a functional spot to store magazines, a comfortable place to prop your feet, or somewhere to rest a drink. Coffee tables are the center of the room and although they are primarily a piece of furniture for function, they allow opportunities to display items you love and express your design style.

An oversized tray gathers accessories creating a grouping while books are neatly stacked nearby.
  1. Mix and layer textures to give dimension and warmth.

When creating an accessory group, we like to mix textures! From the soft, buttery look of leather to the polished look of reflective glass, mixing texture gives the sense of visual interest.

A wooden bowl holds textured glass orbs paired with an arrangement of fresh flowers.
  1. Add fresh florals for an accent of color in the middle of your room.

Fresh flowers are the best accessory for any space, especially when it comes to your coffee table! Flowers are timeless, add vivid color, and dynamic texture. Experiment when creating your floral arrangement by mixing different flowers and foliage together. The more texture the better!

A terracotta vase with fresh heather paired with clear vases and a woven circular tray.

  1. Add a variety of heights to your coffee table.

When decorating your coffee table, create depth by arranging items with different heights. When things are on the same eye-level, your accessory arrangement can fall flat. Select pieces that are shorter and then pair them with tall vases. A perfect example is the photo above where we selected a low, circular tray and then created visual interest with tall vases.

Most importantly, when decorating your coffee table have fun and switch up your décor often!

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