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Neighbor Interiors has over 10 years of experience in creating custom interiors for their clients. Through continuing education courses, attending national industry markets, and collaborating with industry professionals, the Neighbor Interiors team helps you realize the dreams you have for your home.

Our Design Philosophy

We believe that the spaces we live in are never truly finished. Although they may seem finished for a period of time, we are always growing, adapting, and moving. We are here to serve you through any stage of life. From remodel projects to furnishing selections, we provide creative design solutions that showcase your style and personal story.

Meet Your Neighbors

April Littmann
Founder, Lead Designer

April Littmann is an award-winning interior designer known for her warm personality and timeless design style. With an emphasis on creative color palettes and natural elements, her projects embody a balance between transitional and traditional design. As Founder and Principal Interior Designer of Neighbor Interiors, she believes that each project should be a true reflection of her client’s greatest aspirations for their home.  

Before devoting her career to establishing and building her business, April worked alongside top home builders and multi-family developers, where she sharpened her design knowledge. April has received awards for her residential and commercial design projects and was awarded the 2021 Luxe Red Residential Excellence in Design Award. However, April feels her greatest accomplishments are the relationships she forms with her clients, developed through her client-centric approach, and her reputation to exceed expectations on every project.  

April graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Sam Houston State University and is an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. April currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and their two young children.

Adam Littmann
Founder, Director of Business Development

Husband to April Littmann, Adam's background and experience as a healthcare application analyst brings a unique skill to the team. His technical knowledge from working in an industry focused on patient care helps Neighbor Interiors serve clients in every aspect of the design experience. Although much of his work happens behind the scenes, he provides exceptional insight and support to compliment the talents of his wife.​ Adam enjoys spending time with his family. He and April both love doing CrossFit together, and Adam is a talented cook. Adam earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Texas State University.

Jordan Cook
Junior Interior Designer

Jordan Cook grew up in Southlake, Texas where her passion for design flourished while remodeling her family's home. Overseeing the renovation and coordinating with various craftspeople required particular attention to detail on her part, a skill she acquired in her youth showing cutting horses. Graduating with a double major in education and sociology, Jordan's benevolent personality and keen eye for design brings an insightful creativity to the design team. Outside of the office, Jordan enjoys family life in Southlake with her husband and children.

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