Lindsey Mendiola

interior Designer & operations specialist

Lindsey Mendiola's passion for the design industry was sparked during her upbringing in Stephenville, Texas, where she gained insights through her parent's construction business. After graduating from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Lindsey spent nine years honing her skills in engineering. However, a desire for a more fulfilling and creative career led her to embark on a new journey in interior design.

Recognizing the importance of combining both creative and analytical aspects in design, Lindsey thrives on the challenges and intricacies that come with each project. She finds joy in building strong relationships with clients and takes pride in understanding their unique visions for their homes. By actively engaging with clients, Lindsey fully understands how to find the styles our clients are drawn to. Lindsey is amazing at creating spaces perfectly tailored to our client's desires, which ensures they have that 'welcome home' feeling from the first step into their freshly renovated space.

Outside of her work, Lindsey embraces an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Whether it's spending time at the lake, tending to her garden, or going for walks with her husband, Anthony, and their two dogs, she finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and the simple joys of life.

Lindsey's background in engineering, combined with her newfound passion for interior design, brings a unique perspective and attention to detail to the Neighbor Interiors team. Her dedication to creating personalized and timeless spaces reflects her commitment to exceeding client expectations and making their design dreams a reality.