New Beginnings

When our clients were relocating from Washington, D.C. to Southlake, Texas, they hired our interior design firm to breathe life into their new home. This project included a remodel and the procurement of new furniture.

We began coordinating the remodel before our clients moved to Southlake so they could start enjoying their new home as soon as they arrived. The project included space planning, aesthetic transformation, material selections, furniture selections, and remodel project management. We selected earthy tones and natural textures that gave a sense of warmth, comfort, and relaxation. A fireplace remodel along with new flooring throughout the home and various kitchen remodel upgrades enhanced the home’s value along and added to the overall ambiance.

This remodel project transformed our client’s home into a personalized haven that blended Texan charm and wow-factor selections that were tailored to our client’s lifestyle.

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